About Us

Welcome to Yes Apps. We are The Technology Experts – and we’re here to help you buy, use and enjoy the tech that you live with every day.

The world of technology has never been more exciting – and Yes Apps helps up to 500 thousand people around the globe find and use the tech they love every month. Our world-class experts live and breathe the latest technology, and like a trusted friend or advisor, we won’t talk down to you or baffle you with jargon, instead offering clear, unbiased advice, plus tips and tricks culled from our rigorous in-depth testing.

We’ll tell you what the greatest gear is, where you can get the best deals and then the most fantastic things you can do with them. Why? Because this matters to us. We get up in the morning knowing that there are people out there worried about spending their hard-earned money on a piece of tech that’s central to their lives.

We even go a step further than that, offering you direct advice via our new Ask an expert service. Simply send us an email about your product purchasing dilemma and we’ll tell you what we would buy – and why. At a time where it has become harder than ever to get accurate information online, you can trust us to tell it like it is.

Not only does Yes Apps help you find the tech you’ll love, we’re passionate about telling you how to use it, how to make it work with other vital parts of your life and even what apps, games and media you should think about downloading, playing and watching.

We know that your relationship with tech doesn’t end when you’ve clicked checkout, either. We continue to test, evaluate and monitor the updates and changes that now come regularly from the big brands and can radically alter your smartwatch, headphones or even coffee machine.

We’ll also tell you about all of the big events and critical happenings from the world of tech. From entertainment to EVs, smartphones to smart bulbs and Windows to wearables, we’re here to be your trusted friend in our complicated tech lives.